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Boo hoo. Yeah, Haleb (Hanna and Caleb) broke up in Pretty Little Liars‘ Season 3. But before you go and have a fit, you gotta know that one fan did what you will probably never admit you wanna do: Twitter-asked writer Bryan Holdman if Hanna and Caleb are completely finished. Lo and behold, Bryan replied, “Hanna still loves Caleb. Bet on it!” Yay or nay? STATUS got to shoot and chat with the man himself, Tyler Blackburn, somewhere in Los Angeles. And if Pretty Little Liars were real life, we might know another reason Caleb broke up with Hanna: the love of music.

What was the last song you listened to?
“No Ceiling” by Eddie Vedder.

You recently released a new song on iTunes. Do you plan on making a full-blast career shift from acting to music?
I honestly would like to do both. I am really focused on acting right now, but am experimenting with music simultaneously.

How did you find your way towards a career in music?
The first time I recorded music was for a web series called Wendy, then was approached by ABC Family to record music for them. It has been a great opportunity!

Do you write your own music? What inspires you?
I write a little bit, but am working on more. I get inspired by many life experiences.

Who are your musical influences?
The Black Keys, Angus and Julia Stone, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Cat Power, Otis Redding, to name a few…

A-list Hollywood actor vs. Rockstar. Who do you think has it better?
They are similar. Each one includes putting on a performance. They both are extremely admirable.

I read in an interview that you wanted to be in The Hunger Games. What would be your strategy to survive?
I would follow in Katniss’ footsteps. She’s a badass!

If you could contact any famous personality from the grave, who would it be and what would you ask them?
James Dean. I would just want to be good friends with him.

There’s Drizzy, Tyga, J. Cole, Diddy, Eminem, etc. If you were a hip-hop artist, what would your nickname be?
T Dogg

Caleb from Pretty Little Liars had his days of crime. What was the most Caleb thing you’ve ever done?
Stole money from a family friend when I was a kid.

What makes a musician sexy?
Confidence, ability, and emotion.

5 bands you would love to collaborate with and why them?
Radiohead, The Black Keys, Devendra Banhart, Matt Corby, Kimbra.

Source: Status Magazine

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