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Belle / November 17th, 2017

In an exclusive clip for Towleroad from the just-opened film adaptation of Michael John LaChiusa’s acclaimed musical Hello, Again, we witness an intimate moment that takes place aboard the Titanic. In the scene, Carl (T.R. Knight, Grey’s Anatomy) has followed Jack (Tyler Blackburn, Pretty Little Liars) down to third class in pursuit of his affections.

The musical weaves together a series of 10 interconnected romances that span the 20th Century.

Hello, Again is now open in limited release.

Also featured in the film, directed by Tom Gustafson, are Cheyenne Jackson, who links up with Blackburn in a later vignette, Martha Plimpton, Rumer Willis, Jenna Ushkowitz, Sam Underwood, Nolan Gerard Funk and Al Calderon.

Hello, Again was inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s Der Reigen, a provocative 120 year-old play so controversial it was banned from public performance for decades.


Gemma / June 21st, 2017

The film, adapted from the 1994 Michael John LaChiusa musical of the same name, follows 10 sets of lovers, all living in New York City in different eras. In the trailer, Audra McDonald’s character Sally, the “driven actress,” teases “searching senator” Ruth, played by Martha Plimpton. Also hooking up are T.R. Knight (Grey’s Anatomy), Rumer Willis (Empire), Jenna Ushkowitz (Glee), Sam Underwood (Fear the Walking Dead), Nolan Gerard Funk (Awkward.), Cheyenne Jackson (American Horror Story), and Tyler Blackburn (Pretty Little Liars), among others. Tom Gustafson directs.

In 1994, the Lincoln Center Theater first produced the critically acclaimed musical, which was inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s 1896 avant-garde play, Der Reigen, and the 1950 Max Ophuls film La Ronde, with Broadway heavyweights John Cameron Mitchell, Donna Murphy, and Carolee Carmello. Most of the movie’s music will be derived from that production, but one song was penned especially for McDonald. The six-time Tony winner performs it as a “2002-era pop diva” in an ethereal disco music video, which you can see here along with other exclusive stills from production.

The movie will screen at festivals throughout the summer, as well as regional theater-hosted events.

Source: EW

Belle / June 21st, 2017

I added amazing screen captures of the second to last episode of Pretty Little Liars, “7×19 Farewell, My Lovely“, to our gallery! You’ll find the thumbnails and gallery link down below.

Belle / June 18th, 2017

I’ve finally added the missing screen captures of the episodes on which Tyler made an appearance! You can find the pictures using our gallery link below.

Gemma / May 18th, 2017

We have a fresh new design on Tyler Blackburn Online. The previous theme has been on since our opening so it was time for a change. We hope you like it!

Belle / May 9th, 2017

It’s here! I just added the screen captures of Pretty Little Liar’s 13th episode entitled ‘Hold Your Piece‘ to our gallery. The #Haleb feelings are so real in this episode. You can find these pictures using the link down below.

Belle / May 2nd, 2017

I added the amazing high quality screen captures of Pretty Little Liar’s twelfth episode entitled ‘These Boots Are Made For Stalking‘ on which Caleb is of course, a bad ass. Check them out using the gallery link below.

Belle / April 21st, 2017

I added to the gallery the captures of PLL’s season 7 eleventh episode entitled ‘Playtime’ to our gallery! Check out the amazing captures on our gallery using the link down below.

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